Winners 2023

Gold, Silver, Bronze Prizes are chosen among First Prize winners.

Age Group A, B, C ,D

Gold ($500)
Joshua Lee, violin, student of Jooyeon Han
Silver ($200)
Shaw Edwards, cello, student of Clara Kim
Bronze ($100)
Macy Gong, flute, student of Sydney Carlson
Bronze ($100)
Ryan Wang, voice, student of Henry Chen
Bronze ($100)
Jadon Wu, piano, student of Kirill Gliadkovsky
Bronze ($100)
Christian Yoo, clarinet, student of Ayako Neidich

Age Group E

Gold ($700)
Not awarded 
Silver ($400)
Not awarded 
Bronze ($200)
Kelsey Payne, violin, student of Ricardo Cyncynates
Bronze ($200)
Isabel Yang, voice, student of Pamela Hinchman