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Winners 2021

Gold, Silver, Bronze Prizes are chosen among First Prize winners.

Age Group A, B, C, D

Gold ($500)
Katherine Liu, piano, student of HaeSun Paik 
Silver ($200)
Spencer Rubin, oboe, student of Elaine Douvas, Yousun Chung,
Bronze ($100)
Anna Linder, violin, student of Ryan Meehan
Bronze ($100)
William Tan, cello, student of Hans Jensen
Bronze ($100)
Jiin Yun, cello, student of Joonsung Jun

Age Group E

Gold ($700)
Audrey Park, violin, student of Hyo Kang, Cho-Liang Lin 
Silver ($400)
Jason Moon, violin, student of Li Lin
Bronze ($200)
Chen Ma, viola, student of Sheng Li
Bronze ($200)
You Wu, piano, student of Angela Cheng, Alvin Chow
Bronze ($200)
Zheng Jiaen & Zhou Siyu, percussion duo, students of Hong Jie